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TELEPIC (or TELESCOPIC) is a controller that functions as a digital setting circle for an equatorial telescope.
It uses a PIC 16F628A microcontroller chip and four other integrated circuits.

Here is the prototype:



 12 character LED display of a telescopes position in RA and Dec
 Uses commercial encoders or home brew Mouse encoders to Digitize position
 Simultaneous display of encoders for RA and DEC axis
 Save and restore values in EEPROM
 16 Navigation stars
 8 Save and recall set points for user defined objects on the fly
 Real Time clock and siderial time counter
 Stopwatch / lap timer mode - 16 time records in EEPROM
 Serial data communications with your computer - MAX232 compatible

 Ideas from all over the net: Nigel Goodwin (RS232)
 Ed ? (digital setting circles) etc, 2003


 Hardware assignments

 12 character LED port: display messages and coordinates using only 3 wires
 by shifting (multiplexing) segment data and digit address to two 74HC595 chips;

 2 Encoder inputs (4 wire) for RA and Dec encoders

 RS232 Serial Receive and Transmit Port

 LED lamp output for seconds indicator (1 sec ON, 1 sec OFF)

 4 Pushbuttons for mode setting, increment, decrement and OK
 Internal Real time clock in case you stay out too late

 Siderial clock for RA conversion of hour angle encoder

 Stand alone mode. Doesn't need to be connected to a PC.

 Further information: see the file telescopic.txt

 Download zip file

The zip file contains the assembly code, hex file for PIC programming, pcb schematic and board layout.
You will need a PIC programmer to program the PIC 16f628 controller.
You will also need KICAD to use the pcb and schematic files.

This material is free for personal use only. Please do not use this for mass production or commercial quantities.
Contact me first. I don't come cheap, but all offers will be taken seriously!

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