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Allegro Software Utilities:


ALLEGRO GRADIENT EDITOR A Program to use colourful themes with Allegro
SPACE FX Planetary Animation Frame generator
SPACE FX TUTORIAL A Brief tutorial covering basic parts of SPACE FX
ASTEROID (Windows) Asteroid Finder - Windows (98...XP)  version
ASTEROID (Linux) Asteroid Finder - Linux (Fedora) version
TELESCOPE and MOUNTING My 12.5 inch F5 Newtonian with a Split-Ring Mounting
TELEScoPIC - Digital Setting Circles Digital DSC using a PIC 16F628  microcontroller
SAC8 CCD CAMERA My Pictures taken with a Telephoto lens and the SAC8-II CCD Camera
SAC8 CCD CAMERA -Page 2 My Pictures taken with the new Telescope Mounting
THE ORIGIN OF LIFE Musing on the Origin of Life, the Universe and Everything...



GRADIENT: An Allegro Source code addon for Gradient Themes.


   Typical visual elements in many operating systems comprise:

   Frames           windows for running processes
   Menu selectors   for menu selection 
   Tool Bars        for quick-launch actions and icons

   These elements are often adorned with eye-candy - coloured buttons with
   a 3D raised look. Some window managers offer subtle gradients and soft
   shaded window elements which can be tailored to a particular theme.
   Examples (in Linux) are Blackbox, Enlightenment, Gtk and KDE.

   Still other programs can be "skinned": the programs "look and feel"
   altered with radically different colour schemes and layouts.

   Wouldn't it be nice to do this with allegro?

   Well, (modest cough) may I present...

   GRADIENT:   An allegro theme / gradient generator!
   This is the first stage of a theme / skin system for allegro.
   The skinning part will be added later.

   Please! Please! Don't all clap at once!

   Well, now that the intro is done, lets see what GRADIENT can do.

   FEATURES  (drum roll please...)

   - Nifty graduated colour blends on buttons and menus etc.
   - Draw a complete window with one function call.
   - Draw a dropdown menus with one function call.
   - Draw a quick launch toolbar, tooltip or clock.
   - Nice themes, just like Linux window managers.
   - Change the colour scheme with a few lines of code.
   - Give your users the freedom to choose!
Theme/gradient types:


DOWNLOAD gradient 0.4  - 1st Sept 2002 - (89k) source code for you to use. contains the primary source code - gradient.c and gradient.h
Add these two files to your project to give a new look to your programs.
It also contains some documentation... gradient.doc. This will be updated soon...
Plus some sample themes. (xxx.csg)
0.2.0  13 Sept 2001 Original release on this page
0.2.1   21 Sept 2001 Bugfix
0.2.2   25 Sept 2001  Menu checkbox and cosmetic changes.
0.3    30 June 2002     Added gradient types
0.4    1 Sept 2002    Added masked/enhanced types

Theme edit 2.2: An Allegro Theme Editor.

DOWNLOAD Theme edit 2.2 - 1st Sept. 2002 - (606k) Theme Editor 2.2 Build 124 - MSDOS binary & data - includes gradient source code.

Please unzip with -d to preserve the directory layout.
This is a complete package which uses gradient functions to enable you to create and edit gradient files.
- gradient source code included
- Theme Edit (DJGPP) executable version 2.2 Build 124 (September 2002) (compiled with allegro 4.0)
- Sample gradient files (xxx.csg)
- Online Documentation
- Suitable for high colour modes only (16bit default). You don't want 8bit mode.(trust me!)..

2.1  Build 114  September 13, 2001  Original release.
2.1  Build 116  September 25, 2001  Wallpaper added, menu checkbox, updated directory layout.
2.1  Build 118  September 30, 2001  Improved transparency support.
2.1  Build 120  October 10, 2001   First scource code release, video bug squashed.
2.2  Build 124  September 1, 2002  Cosmetic changes, added colour pick box.

Run themedit.exe at different resolutions by specifying screen width and bit depth on the command line.
i.e.  themedit  24  800
This will run a 800x600 screen with a 24bit colour depth if the video card can handle it.

Themedit will run in a 640x480 screen and 16 bit colour mode by default.


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