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ALLEGRO GRADIENT EDITOR A Program to use colourful themes with Allegro
SPACE FX Planetary Animation Frame generator
SPACE FX TUTORIAL A Brief tutorial covering basic parts of SPACE FX
ASTEROID (Windows) Asteroid Finder - Windows (98...XP)  version
ASTEROID (Linux) Asteroid Finder - Linux (Fedora) version
TELESCOPE and MOUNTING My 12.5 inch F5 Newtonian with a Split-Ring Mounting
TELEScoPIC - Digital Setting Circles Digital DSC using a PIC 16F628  microcontroller
SAC8 CCD CAMERA My Pictures taken with a Telephoto lens and the SAC8-II CCD Camera
SAC8 CCD CAMERA -Page 2 My Pictures taken with the new Telescope Mounting
THE ORIGIN OF LIFE Musing on the Origin of Life, the Universe and Everything...

Spacefx sample image


Software projects: SPACE FXsaturn2.jpg

is an animation program used to generate a series of 320x200 or 320x240 true-colour 24-bit TGA files suitable for conversion to FLIC, AVI, MPEG animations or GIF images.

SPACE FX Version 4.0 is here.
AND a LINUX version is available (Nov 18 2005)
Download Linux or WIN9x/Xp Beta version now!
(up to 1024x768, plus 32 planets/moons and RINGS! see illustration).

SPACE FX allows every man and his dog to make up realistic "outer space" type animations using real images of planets, moons and spacecraft. This can be used for a neat intro to your own program or for educational purposes.

Why not use it to generate a nifty image for your web page?

For more information, check out the SPACE FX
Page now.

Software projects: ASTEROID! asteroid.gif

is a Linux and WIN9x program to locate asteroids in the night sky.

Available Now...


The version available now for download is the Alpha release 4.0 of the freeware version.

For more details, see the ASTEROID Page.

Sorry, astronomy links went missing when my hard disc crashed!

Contact yours truly:

For further information about my work or the items mentioned above, please email me!

Late Breaking News..

The next update of SPACE FX will include the LINUX version and will be uploaded here in Febuary 2008. If you are interested in LINUX please send an email! Since I have only recently installed Fedora 7, I'm still learning how to use it.

Who am I?
I am a Professional Electrical Engineer and sometime programmer with an interest in animation graphics, raytracing and astronomy. I do most of my programming in C and a little asm when necessary. I have also used Visual Basic and am currently trying out C++.

These days I make myself busy looking after my wife and three children who all have chronic asthma and other assorted medical conditions. Check out the newsgroup for discussion about this disease. The children do home schooling with the University of Southern Queensland.

I am always on the lookout for some part-time work, having worked in the engineering field for nearly 30 years. So if you have a Power station on the blink, an Electric Locomotive that just wont go, or need someone to do a little CAD work on a home computer, give me a call!

I'm a member of the Institution of Engineers, Australia. My last employment covered many diverse areas of engineering such as Automated Test Equipment for PCB analysis and Quality Management to AS/ISO/9001,9002.
I live on the beautiful Bargara Coast near Bundaberg in sunny Queensland, Australia.

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