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SAC8-II CCD Camera - Page 2

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This page is a summary of my astro photos with my SAC8 Mark II CCD camera.

SAC8-II with a 12.5" f5 Newtonian on a home built split ring mount.
Most of these pictures were taken with an 0.6 focal reducer giving f3 and a wider field of view
Here are two frames of Omega Centaurus taken with my 12.5" f5 newtonian at prime focus.
First at low gain. One second exposure.

Next at high gain. Same one second exposure.
Man, is this a sensitive camera or what!

Since I have yet to master (or use) dark frames and flat frames, the pictures are just as they come off the camera.
At least it has Peltier cooling which minimises hot pixels. Stacking several frames also helps to smooth out the image.

This is M13 globular cluster. This is a stack of 4 frames, 1 second each at medium gain.

Here I tried the Ring nebula (M57).
This is a stack of 4 frames and 1 second exposure at medium gain.

Next picture:
The galaxy NGC253 with the SAC8 and 4 frames at 4 second exposures and 70% gain


Next the Jewel Box cluster NGC4755. 3 frames at 1 second Medium gain.

Next the Eta Carina Nebula. 4 frames at 4 seconds. I used  Low gain to avoid saturating the image.
I tried this nebula at high gain and got a white-out in 10 second exposures...

Next the globular cluster ngc104 (47 Tucana) 4 frames at 1 second, medium gain.

A few more southern objects: NGC4833 globular

NGC4945 galxy:

NGC5102 galaxy

The Lagoon nebula:
(More pictures to come)
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